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a video/installation by Ludwig Wüst

In his newest project, Ludwig Wüst shows a mysterious meeting in Ostia, at the very place where Pier Paolo Pasolini was killed on November 2, 1975.
A stranger tells that back then everything was different and that he is the only one that knows the real story of Pasolini's death...

The project will be presented in spring 2012 at the Kunsthalle Wien. In an exclusive internet-premiere the video of the installation is shown at the anniversary of Pasolini's death on November 2, 2011. It means that the first presentation of the video will be in that place, where most of the stories and conspiracy theories around PPP's death are to be found - the internet.

The filmmaker and video artist Ludwig Wüst was born in Bavaria.
He lives and works in Vienna since 1987.

Since 1990 he has worked as director, author and actor in over 40 productions for theater and opera in Vienna, Leipzig, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt.
In 1999 he started his work as a filmmaker.

In this project Ludwig Wüst works in collaboration with actor Nenad Šmigoc, camera operator Klemens Koscher,
editor Samuel Käppeli and executive producer Matthias Pázmándy.

His latest movies

KOMA (2009) www.koma-film.net

TAPE END (2011) www.tape-end.net

have participated at numerous festivals from Moscow to Montréal.